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ICC 25 - Wednesday, 8PM Realm time, Hosted by Mepolac.
Welcome to the Guild Website of <Catalyst>.
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Icc 25 On thursday, 20.30 Realm time. (8.30 PM)

Catalysticsnowball, Aug 24, 11 8:57 AM.
Icc 25, leaded by Faum, Second group on saturday by snowbound. (If Enought ppl show up.) More About that later on.

Team Overpowered ICC 10 Continue.

Catalysticsnowball, Aug 23, 11 2:18 PM.
Team Overpowered Continues on Thursday, 6PM realmtime. Dreamwalker and Sindra are going down bitch. ;) 

Guild Event

Catalysticsnowball, Aug 20, 11 6:01 PM.

Premade ICC 10 Groups.

Catalysticsnowball, Aug 20, 11 8:27 AM.
We are planning on making multiple premade icc 10 groups, Rescuitment section for the groups here.

New Guild Website

Catalysticsnowball, Aug 20, 11 6:38 AM.
We now have a guild website thanks to Snowbound And Guild portal hosting, The site is not fully completed yet so please list the problems/wishes/ideas to Snowbound, In game or in guild forums.
The guild is currently recruiting DPS/HEALS of all classes. The applicants have to be above gearscore of 5,4k and they must pass couple of tests/inspects before geting accepted to join the guild. You can ask more about the guild, or an invite from any of the officers(Bralzor,Erinell,Snowbound.)
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